Know This Before You Start a Website Design

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Website design for an online business is serious business. No matter how big and unique your product or service is, what keeps the customer on the website is the web design, what makes the customer buy is the ease of the process. 

You probably already know that designing a business website is not the same as designing a personal website that only your friends and family see. Since your target from a business website is customers who will pay you, your web design for an online business should be appealing and convincing that you are worth paying. 

The web design of an online business says a lot about the business and its owners. It is important to present a professional image; otherwise, you will end up giving customers to your competitors even though you have better products and services.

 Amateur web design gives a bad light on a professional business. If your web design looks amateur, people will think you are an amateur. Sure, that might be an incorrect assumption, but it’s the reality of things.

A professional image makes people more comfortable and more likely to use your product or service. Good web design includes pages that are easy to navigate and easy to see.

 Think of a few of your favorite websites, visit them, and browse them carefully. Make notes about why you like them. Keep the list available when you’re ready to design your business website. 

Also, keep in mind why visitors will visit your website. When designing a business website, you will need to think like a customer. If that doesn’t make sense to you, browse through similar business websites and consider what makes you stay on the site longer. 

Also, make a note of things that encourage you to leave the site you’re on and look elsewhere for the service or product you’re looking for. Your goal should be to keep customers on your website for the longest time for one simple reason, if that visit to your website doesn’t lead to a sale, their comfortable stay will limit their stay. 

Show them other products that will stick with them initially and will come back for them when needed. One useful thing to keep in mind is that websites attract visitors because they are looking for information. Maybe they want to buy an item or service you offer, so try to provide detailed, well-organized, and accessible information about each product or service you offer.

 A good web design ensures that visitors will easily find the information they need. You only have one tick to retain your visitors, so make the most of it. The main page should be straight to the point. 

Flash intro pages look good and show you’re tech-savvy. But Flash referrer pages annoy a lot of people and make them leave your site without going any further. If you must have a Flash intro, at least include the option to skip it. 

Also, when you are in the search engine optimization stage, you will struggle to optimize flash websites. In addition, good web design also takes into account that some people use a dial-up service. Successful web design means that the site can be accessed by everyone, not just those with a wired or broadband connection. 


If possible, keep graphics and special effects to a minimum. Overloading a page with too many extras looks amateurish and slows down the page load. A successful web design can make or break your business. Create a website that is engaging and easy to navigate, and your visitors will be happy they found it and happy to review and recommend it.

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